Here’s a lil warning: this post may offend some people. No, this is not what I’m aiming for. All I offer is an alternative point of view.

This festive season, while most people I know have taken leave (greatly deserved, by the way), I’m working and I love it. When I tell some people I know that I work during the ‘holidays’ or evenings, or weekends, the reaction I get sometimes is, ‘Aw shame’. They seem to feel sorry for me. Honestly this annoys me and here’s why.

After transitioning into my business this year and going through a period of not working with clients I have to say that I am honoured to work, and to be booked up. Truly honoured.

People complain about their jobs and their businesses. Trust me, you’d complain much more if you didn’t have the opportunity to work, even if you might hate from time to time. We don’t feel this pain often enough, so we don’t treat the work we do as a privilege. And yes, any work you do can be treated as a privilege.

So what would happen if in the new year we’d reprogram our attitudes from treating our jobs and businesses as a burden to treating them as a huge badge of honour?

My prediction? We’d be far more productive as a collective, we’d feel inspired and empowered and raise the standards of our output all round. A great internal and external sense of fulfillment, fun and freedom would ensue.

I’m not saying that this is easy. We’re wired to look for things to complain about before we look for things we can be proud of. But it’s empowering to know that every person has the power to choose to see the work they do in the world as an honour.

So how about it? How do you think it would change our days to pivot our perspective?

Love & light,
A xx