Do you really need a life or business coach?

Have you ever felt that you needed more accountability? Particularly in the areas of your life that you dedicate most of your time and energy on but aren’t seeing much headway in reaching your goals? Perhaps you feel that you have a ton of potential but nothing is really happening for you in the area that you really want? This was precisely the situation I found myself in. The area of frustration? My career. We’ve all been there at one time or another. Last year I changed my career path yet again and plotted a different course. I had left my position as the Regional Director of a security company in South Africa and went to work on a yacht in Europe.

Even so, this freshly chartered career path that I found myself on was not fulfilling me completely. Yes, there are parts of it I really enjoy, but I knew that I wanted more. Can you relate?

I set off to find a business coach who could help me set up and grow my online business. This was something that I’ve had my sights on for quite some time. Eventually, after asking around and getting referrals I made a decision to invest in a recommended business coach.

Business Coaching: What is the deal?

The coaching sessions started off well, I felt that we were on the right path. But a few weeks in it was clear that my coach could not help me. We were not the right fit for each other. It happens.

What I wanted from my coaching was weekly meetings with “homework” I needed to complete between the sessions in order to force me to do what I already knew in theory bit did not have the firm discipline and sense of accountability to apply.

The reality was that the things that were necessary for me to grow my business were simply not tasks that I enjoyed and no matter what my coach proposed, eventually all I did was the bare minimum to get to the following week and it was going nowhere fast.

Not all coaching works out. This is the reality and that is okay.

Previously, I had a year of monthly coaching that has shaped the way I do training, coaching and business overall. While it did not directly build my business at the time, the ripple effect of those coaching sessions are felt throughout my business now and will be into the future. I’ll share more with you about the amazing benefits that I received from coaching in my next post (so make sure you keep you an eye out).

Your own accountability

A few months after my latest coach and I amicably went our separate ways, I met up with my friend Pa Joof in Boca Raton, Florida, coincidentally. He said it to me straight, “Anna, you don’t need a coach, all you need is accountability.”

He was right! I had done so much study of what needed to be done, I ‘knew’ it all, yet didn’t apply any of it practically towards reaching the goals which I had set out for myself. I knew that I didn’t want to play small anymore – fact! But the pressing question was how could I stop my lazy, self-defeating nature from taking over? I decided to firstly get real about my strengths and what I would realistically enjoy doing for my business in the limited hours I have between my full-time job and having a life. Secondly, I had to put my money where my mouth is.

1. Get real about my strengths

The reason why it didn’t work with my coach was because I had to do activities that I didn’t enjoy. To do the homework and the tasks that would get me to the next step was a real struggle, a struggle that I would put off for as long as I could. Procrastination was my second name. I had excuses for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Taking a long, hard look at my strengths allowed me the vantage point of course correction and I found a way to grow my business whereby I outsourced the tasks that I didn’t have an affinity or time for. I have to stay focused on my strengths and what I’m good at – building relationships and growing businesses. To do this I had to find someone to do all the intermediate steps. Someone who loved the detail of it all and was great with execution. Now, while I work full time on a yacht, I have an amazing Virtual Brand Manager who makes everything tick. Yes, I have to churn out content, stay on top of strategies, stay dedicated to my Video-A-Day Challenge and provide actionable feedback regularly, but today I really enjoy working on my business. I’ve put myself in a position where I can devote my energy to the bigger picture, confident in the fact that I have someone in my team who is focused on the nitty-gritty details and everyday tasks that are unavoidable.

2. Put my money where my mouth is

A brilliant Virtual Brand Manager is not free, as you can imagine. But with a business plan and budget in hand, I am on the clock to make the money that I work for so hard actually work for me! That is the name of the game. It’s scary, yes! Exciting and challenging too. It’s what gets me up excited and going every day. When it comes to most business activities, you have a choice of spending time or money on them, sometimes a bit of both is necessary. Depending on your available resources of time and money you can make a calculated decision. These days the internet makes working with freelancers and virtual assistants relatively easy and you don’t always have to break the bank.

After reading this article, my question to you is: Do you really need a coach? Or do you need to find a way to be accountable? Would it be best for you to be doing something tangible towards your goals in your career or business? Could you perhaps find ways to delegate necessary tasks that you don’t have the time or affinity for?

I have enjoyed the benefits of coaching, most definitely! There are a myriad of gains you can experience with the right coach. As I’ve just shared, I’ve also had the insight of a mediocre coaching experience. What it took me, this time, to gear up for success is a friend telling it to me straight: find a way to be accountable!

What’s it going to take for you?

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