If you’re like most people, you’ve probably experienced feeling that you’re not (fill in the blank) enough at least once, especially when starting or running a business. It can feel like a wave of insecurity engulfing you when you do something daring like go for the girl or guy of our dreams, or start a business, or have the courage to go for the big deals that could take your business to the next level.

So what happens when you feel inadequate and less than? Often your shoulders hunch over and you shy away from the opportunities that would make you the most money, or get you what you really want. All it takes is for the ‘not enough’ belief to creep in.

I learned the following from Tony Robbins and it makes perfect sense. When we were born, we received unconditional love, anything and everything was done for us by our maternal and paternal figures. Then, at a certain age the oxytocin high that your mother and possibly father experienced during the first stage of your life abruptly wore off. All of the sudden we found ourselves having to do something, be and behave in a certain way for us to receive the unequivocal love from our parents. All of the sudden, receiving love was conditional and just being ourselves was ‘not good enough’.

Can you see how fundamental this belief of feeling less than or inadequate is? We’re not born with it, but we do get conditioned at a very young age. And then we go through our toddler to teenage years finding evidence that yes indeed, we’re not (fill in the blank) enough.

But what is the truth?

And the choice is yours which belief you carry around.

Yes, but…

While it sounds simple, it certainly isn’t easy. Something that has been with us for so long doesn’t simply disappear.

Just imagine how you could take your business and life to the next level if you could truly feel ‘more than enough’ in every endeavor? You’d walk into that sales call, owning it! You’d go for bigger deals with better clients without flinching. You’d be unstoppable. Changing this belief is incredibly powerful.

But you need proven techniques to alter your current ‘not good enough’ beliefs to empowering ones for lasting change. It’s one thing to have a realisation and an ‘aha’ moment, and completely another to live it every day and make it work for you.

I’ve helped business owners break through their current income level by helping them uncover their limiting beliefs (like I’m just not good enough) and then helping them create a business and life beyond their dreams. I have a passion for helping ambitious business owners transform their lives. And the 10 years of experience in personal development training, has given me the tools to be able to create transformational results.

So I have set aside some time this coming week to work with you personally. You’ll gain clarity on what is keeping you stuck and how to transform your business and your life.

You have to be ambitious and have an insatiable desire to create the best business and life. Admittedly it can be difficult to uncover self-limiting beliefs and break through them but it’s not impossible! With the right tools and questions, you can do it too. But first you have to take responsibility for your current income and life. If you like to blame, criticise and justify then this is not for you. But if you know you have real potential and want to get ‘unstuck’ from everything that is holding you back from living the life you deserve, then this is absolutely for you!

The call is free and if you get value from it and if it’s a good fit, you may have the opportunity to work with me to create the business and life of your dreams.

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