In my Smart Stewardess.com coaching business, I help ambitious stewardesses feel prepared for their transition from life on the water in the exclusive yachting industry to what some people call ‘the real world’.

There are 4 key shifts that need to happen for an aspirational stewardess to successfully make the transition.

Out of the four, the number one important life skill is…wait for it…mastering sales.

Yes, I said it. Now don’t run away!

Most people have a knee-jerk reaction to the word ‘sales’. What are some of the words you associate with sales? Sleazy, slimy, manipulative?

That’s not surprising. The old way of business was to say and do anything necessary to close a sale and earn a commission.

But have you noticed that the world of business has changed quite significantly? Today, with the internet and social media there is unprecedented transparency. So if someone sells something under false pretenses, it doesn’t get kept a secret for long, especially if they do it continuously and gain a shady reputation. They are sure to go out of business quickly.

So while manipulating and enticing was the old way of sales and business, luckily there is a new way. Yay!

The new way is to understand that essentially selling is the ability to influence (If you don’t believe me, check out the first 20 minutes of Tony Robbin’s video).

Can people use their sales skills and ability to influence in a malicious manner? Of course! But like any tool, your ability to sell and influence only enhances more of the person you already are. If you are a “good” person, you’ll use it to enhance and improve people’s lives. If you’re a “bad” person, you’ll use this exact same skill to manipulate and diminish the quality of someone’s life.

Inherently sales and the ability to influence is neither good nor bad, it’s simply a tool. If you are a good person, I have no doubt that mastering your ability to sell and influence will only enhance your life and the people you engage with.

Why is sales the number one life skill? Especially if you’re looking to transition from one career to another? Most businesses have the desire for growth. And growth usually happens via sales and influence. So if you master this one skill, from building rapport to overcoming objections, you can help any business. And in return, you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

Some of the highest paid people in the world are sales people. The owners of the luxury yachts that stewardesses work on are business owners. All business owners have the ability to influence, a.k.a. sell, from selling their vision to their employees to selling the solution to a problem that clients have. A successful business solves problems.

If you like the idea of being a problem solver and mastering the art of influence and sales, anything is possible for you.

The next step is to identify the types of problems you’d like to solve. Because if you can align yourself with a cause you’re passionate about, you have the ability to create magic. When you realise this, plus master sales and influence, you are free to move from your current career and create a life you love.

How much would that be worth to you?

Till next time,

A xx