The statistics are staggering. The number of people going into business for themselves is greater than ever. Yet the failure rate of those “would be” business owners his horrendous. In these volatile economic times, it seems that the concept of job security or the security of your own business are things of the past. Most people today have come to the conclusion that the best you can do is learn skills that you can transport from job to job or industry to industry.

With that reality, more and more people are looking for meaning, satisfaction and purpose in their careers. What is the result? The result is a workforce less concerned about the fantasy of climbing the corporate ladder for more income and more concerned being able to exercise some autonomy, creativity and be part of something cool.

The consequence of that is that employers must learn how to address a different range of needs from their employees in order to tap their greatness. The days of “do as your told..don’t make mistakes….work harder” mindset don’t play anymore.

Today’s business leaders must create environments that nurture human potential and growth in order to attract good people. We have worked with thousands of organizations in over 25 countries for over twenty years helping them increase sales and build championship teams.

We have found that business development is also a function of personal development. That is part of the “Tango” that Anna refers to in this book. That you cannot have business growth unless the teams are trained, inspired and prepared to handle the complexity of tasks, circumstances and emotional challenges that face them.

Those companies that are able to do it successfully and sincerely are already winning.

School used to prepare people for the workplace. That is no longer true. In fact, traditional schooling falls far short of preparing our workforce for cooperation, creativity, effective communication and problem solving. Instead, many emerge from our schools and universities, risk averse and emotionally ill-prepared to handle the rigors of an accelerating marketplace.

As a result, businesses have to become educational institutions as well. As a business leader or manager, you have to teach and train your teams in the skills and mindsets that Anna Shilina talks about in Business Tango.

In the book, Anna gives business owners, managers and leaders a map to navigate the journey to empowering people and increasing profitability.

Years ago, talk of “empowerment” was woo-woo stuff. Then it became a buzz word that everyone gave lip service to. Today it’s real. You have to learn how to tap the greatness from those around you in order to be successful and competitive. You also want to do it because it is an important thing to do for those who have committed their time and energy to you. Otherwise, you will not recruit quality players and those that you do have will seek other establishments where they are able to be their best.

There is an old expression that says that your results can never exceed your self-concept or how you view yourself. That is true for athletes, performers, kids and those who are on your team. The fastest way to get better results is to get those responsible for the results to feel great about themselves. Business tango gives you the components for making that happen.

One word of warning…. Learn to enjoy making others great. If you do it for the sole purpose of profit, you will fail. Today’s workforce is pretty perceptive and they are looking for the real thing. The good news is that its fun, it’s fast moving, its creative and just may put the life back into you and your business that you have been looking for.
Anna will give the tools and the path to make it happen.

The world needs great leaders. Use what you learn here and you will be one of them!

Blair Singer

Entrepreneur, Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, Founder Blair Singer Training Academy,
Best-selling author of SalesDogs – You don’t have to be an attack dog to explode your income,
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