What’s more important than managing your time?

Time is money, or so the saying goes. And yes, it’s a limited resource and we all get the same amount. But how come some people use it to build multi-national companies, while others constantly find themselves running out of time?

Because what’s more important than managing your time is managing your ENERGY. Without energy we’re useless…mentally, creatively and physically.

So hence ENERGY = MONEY. Successful people know this. And use this little-known edge to their advantage.

You may be wondering where you’re going wrong…
You make your to-do list every day and start ticking things off. Right?

The problem with to-do lists, as Peter Sage taught me, is that they are usually the death of you.

Why? Because 99% of the time you tick off the easy things first, the things you can get done the fastest, with minimal resistance. That way your brain’s reward system kicks in and helps you feel good about all the things you’ve accomplished…all except the important ones, unfortunately.

The problem is that you’re utilising your greatest creative and mental energy on unimportant tasks. By the time it comes to doing the things that would make a huge difference to your career or business, you’re not able to bring your A-game. And this happens day in and day out.

So what can you do about it? How can you use the little-known secret of the successful to work for you?

Start with making your list, I call it a brain dump. Then list 3 things ONLY (don’t freak out!) that you need your highest creative and mental energy for. And do those first. Or if you know yourself well and you know that your greatest creative energy peaks in the evenings then make sure to schedule your priority tasks then.

The point is that you’re managing your energy, not your time. Once the 3 most important tasks are complete, you’re welcome to go back to your list and keep ticking things off, but don’t start until you do. Deal?

I’ll be honest, this will be difficult at first. Changing any habit is always challenging, that’s not news. But if you stick with it, I promise the rewards will be plenty.

What do you do to manage your energy better? I love hearing from you and exchanging ideas.

Till next time,
A xx