My dream of having a location independent business was finally coming true. However, if you’ve ever had a dream start coming true, naturally the reality always creeps up. Most people have fantasies of what a dream scenario would look like, from the perfect relationship to the perfect job…. but the reality is usually quite different…

The fantasy of a location independent business is to be able to work from anywhere…all you need is a laptop; home is where the WiFi connects. You work your own hours and answer to NO ONE (HUGE fallacy! Everyone answers to someone. And I mean everyone! Even people at the highest levels of business answer to board members, stakeholders, banks, investors, their families and more. Most entrepreneurs at the very least answer to their clients otherwise they’d be out of business very quickly).

That’s just ONE actuality of a ‘dream job’. The reality is that you work as much as you need to. Entrepreneurs are usually the gals and guys who quit a 9 to 5 to work 24/7. True or true? Anyone who says they’re going into business to have more time usually doesn’t know what they’re talking about. You are responsible for your own income at the very least, which can put huge amounts of pressure on new businesses.

Ah, and then comes the doubt. As I’ve written before, from a young age we’re conditioned to feel that we’re not good enough. And beginning a new venture creates an environment ripe for these feelings to converge. Fighting this doubt in an often-fantasised, location independent business is usually a lonely, hard battle.

But there are ways to soften the struggles of the reality of having an online business.

Jim Rohn said that we’re the average of the five people we surround ourselves with. So if we surround ourselves with employees mostly, then the conversation is likely to be around employee-ship. If we surround ourselves with entrepreneurs, it’ll be around entrepreneurship. Fit people are surrounded by other fit people most of the time and talk about fitness and health. This is a universal principle. People don’t change at the core but people often change their behaviour in different contexts and environments.

If we are the narrative then we need a strong context and environment to thrive. It’s incredible what can happen in the right context, surrounded by the right people

Co-working has seen an increasing buzz surround it in recent years exactly for this reason. Entrepreneurs increasingly wanted to surround themselves with like-minded people. With the explosion of online business opportunities, co-working was the natural solution.

After several months of working on my own, I came across Co-work Paradise. Actually, I was lucky enough to be targeted (those of you who know Facebook advertising will know what I mean). My curiosity made sure I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check it out. So I signed up for the mandatory Skype interview and it just resonated with me – a whole month of working with a small group of digital entrepreneurs in Bali (Bali had been on my list of places to go since my trip to South East Asia last year). It felt like it was meant to be.

So I signed up! I felt ready to put myself in a context where I could really thrive.

I arrived in Canggu, Bali a few days ago and it’s been incredible! We’re 11 individuals from 9 different countries, each with a unique story of what brought us here.

In just the first few days I’ve seen a massive increase in my inspiration levels, ideas and productivity. From early morning yoga to working in a very inspiring co-working spot called Dojo Bali. We all have different objectives for our time in Bali, yet this group of game-changers are nothing short of a fantastic context.

Have you ever had the experience of changing environments and surrounding yourself with like-minded, bringing about a change in you? If so, you know exactly what I’m talking about! Context is very powerful indeed! Of course, for some, it’s easier to do than others. But even incremental changes can make the world of a difference!

If you find yourself just not thriving or not achieving what you wanted (like I have so many times, from health to financial goals) have a look around at your context, your environment and the people whom you surround yourself with. Changing that could change everything.

Till next time,

A xx