Spoiler: Of course you are! How could you not be?!?!

In the last few months, I have been told that ‘I’m brave’. I usually respond quite bashfully, because I didn’t necessarily feel brave.

But let’s dissect the concept of bravery. The definition is: ‘Courageous behaviour or character.’

That doesn’t bring us any closer to understanding bravery and finding out whether we’re brave or not, does it?

So let’s look at the definition of courage: ‘The ability to do something that frightens one. Strength in the face of pain/grief.’

Now we’re back to one of my favourite topics, fear. I’ve written about how fear can be our fact or our fuel and how fear enhances our lives.

The thing is, someone can only call you ‘brave’ when making a comparison. What’s brave to one person does not seem brave to another. Why? Because it always comes from a point of reference. If you do something that is outside of what I consider comfortable or normal, I would call that brave (or crazy, or stupid in some cases). But if it’s something I would be comfortable doing myself, I would wonder that normal. Make sense?

Now we have a choice. We can either say that everyone is brave because comparing to someone’s reference, what you and I do is, indeed brave. Even if you don’t necessarily feel that way. Or we can say that everyone is not brave.

I prefer to own that everyone is indeed brave. Why?

Because we were born champions, we were all born brave. When you came into the world, did you know what you were doing? Of course not! But you were brave…and you, my friend, are still brave.

Dr John Demartini taught me that we constantly operate from our next level of incompetence . What does this mean? If you take a moment to examine your own life, can you see that in at least one area of your life, perhaps it’s your business, career, health or personal relationships, there is something in the realm of the unknown, something you haven’t yet mastered? When we get competent at something, when we master something, we get promoted to the next level of incompetence and the next and so on.

When you were a newborn, you didn’t know that you would have to learn to walk, and to talk, and so on. And this progresses into our adult lives. When was the last time you stopped and looked back at your life and thought to yourself: ‘I can’t believe I did that.’? Looking back at the definition of courage: to have strength in the face of pain/grief… I have little doubt that you’ve been faced with challenges. And you survived them! You had the strength (even if it didn’t feel like it at the time).

Because we operate from our next level of incompetence, constantly striving to learn and master some area of our lives, we are indeed all brave. And feeling brave gives us a sense of empowerment and accomplishment. And when we stand tall in our bravery, amazing things happen.

What are your thoughts about bravery?
Where are you brave? (Really think about it, because you really are!)

I salute you for your bravery.

Till next time,

A xx