Confidence has been a huge theme in my business mindset coaching programs, so I thought I’d elaborate on this sometimes mysterious topic and give you 2 practical things you can do to boost your confidence today.

1. Understand where confidence (or the lack thereof) comes from

Confidence doesn’t come from where many people think it does, which is from other people’s praise or affirmation of their value.

Confidence is a feeling that is generated from a label (good or bad) that WE assign to an event or an occurrence. Let me explain…

When something happens in our business, we can label it as either good or bad. When something seemingly good happens it’s easy to label it ‘good’.

We often undervalue the good things in our business and daily lives (simply the way our brains work, where for our survival the amygdala is responsible for spotting danger before spotting pleasurable or good things). So it’s up to us to CONSCIOUSLY notice and stack up the good things.

The challenge is to label even seemingly ‘bad’ events or occurrences as ‘good’…as occurrences we can learn from, grow from, and refine from.

From this label of good or bad we then assign a feeling of confidence or not. This leads us to expanding and attracting more great things into our business, or contracting our energy and limiting the great things that come our way.

Make sense?

2. Take ownership of your confidence

Once you realize that YOU assign the label, and generate the feeling of confidence, and it doesn’t come from any external source, you’re well on your way!

The next step is to start building evidence of where you ARE confident, where you ARE great. Start celebrating something EVERY day. Even if it looks like things aren’t going your way, find something that you can use in that instance to learn from and hence celebrate.

Everything exists for a reason, including our every day challenges. And hence we can celebrate even our challenges. How awesome?!?!

When you bring the confidence, great things come your way. Not the other way around. And to bring the confidence, find things to label good and great in your business, every single day.

Only YOU are responsible for YOUR confidence.

What does confidence mean to you?
Love & light,
A xx