Fear of failure. We all have it, well at least that’s what I’ve encountered from my experiences and interactions with people with varying degrees of success from around the globe.

Whether it was interviewing successful businessmen and women for my first book, The Business Tango , working for wealthy families on their luxury yachts as they travel the world, or when I teach my signature program The Art of Breakthrough Sales, I find that not one successful person says that they do not have the fear of failure.

Fear is a necessary component in our lives (next week I will share more about how fear enhances our experience of life).

We all have the fear of failure. It’s part of our DNA in a very primal form. Never let someone who ‘seems’ fearless convince you otherwise. Very often they are lying to you and themselves. Most of the time they have the fear and do it anyways, at least in one area of their lives.

What I do find is that every successful person uses the fear of failure to drive them, to fuel them ahead.

We all have a choice when it comes to this fear.
Either it becomes our fact and limits us or it becomes our fuel, elevating and driving us forward.

This is an every day choice. And yes, today you can choose if you will allow it to limit you, or fuel you to make sh*t happen. What will it be?

No, it’s not easy to make that choice (believe me, I’ve let my fears hold me back enough, more about that another day). Many of us have been conditioned to operate from a state of fear for most of our lives. And some days we do make the choice to let it limit us and that is also ok. What I can say is that we’re on the right path as long as we make the choice for it to fuel us more and more. The more we practise making this choice the easier it becomes. Making this choice then becomes a habit, one that compounds us to ever greater heights.

I’m curious…what does it take for you to choose to use the fear of failure to fuel you and drive you forward?

A xx