If you do any kind of meaningful work in the world you will inevitably encounter a few haters. It’s easy to get distracted by them and start to feel ‘less than’ if you direct too much energy their way. Think about it, all celebrities have fans and haters. If we focus on the personal development field, Tony Robbins has fans and haters, Dr. John Demartini has both too, these are simply examples.

When I started my Facebook ads campaigns, promoting my Art of Breakthrough Business Master Class : 5 Shifts To Get You Financially ‘Unstuck’ and Attract Continuous Cashflow (email connectwith@annashilina.com for more info), I found that while some people loved the posts, others hated them. At first, I was taken aback. Why would you spend time hating on something, when you could rather ignore what you don’t like and focus on what you like instead?

I was jogging one afternoon in Antibes, France when I started to think about the fact that everyone who does meaningful work in the world has both fans and haters.

I related this back to a universal principle I learned a while ago, specifically from Dr. John Demartini. It’s the principle that each of us lives in duality. Every experience and emotion has two sides to it. We usually only perceive one side, because it serves our highest values to focus on that one side at that specific moment. But the other side always exists.

We know that there cannot be light without darkness, life without death, acceptance without rejection, or support without challenge, etc. Most people see these as consequential events. For example, that light only comes after darkness, and death comes after life. But the principle of duality states that light and darkness exists simultaneously. While we only perceive light, there is darkness in the universe at that very same time. Complimentary opposites always exist, even if we only perceive one at a time.

Many people don’t know how to apply this principle to life, let alone business. And I have found that it’s quite powerful to do so.

I challenge you to look back at a time you got rejected . If you close your eyes and go back to that moment, really feel that rejection, ask yourself: Where is the support? In that exact moment?

If you look hard enough you will find that you had support quantitively and qualitatively equal to the rejection or the challenge. You just didn’t see it at the time, because you focused on the rejection.

So without haters, we cannot have fans. And how unfortunate would that be? So I am grateful to my haters. Because I know that that means that I am doing something right. I know that I will piss people off with my work, because many people don’t want to let go of their current reality no matter how much they b*tch and complain about their lives. They will continue to feel stuck. It’s not my job to help anyone who doesn’t want to be helped. It is my job to focus on my fans, the people who are hungry for change and want more out of their businesses and life. I know that I serve these people and I am grateful for them too!

While admittedly it is difficult to always see the complimentary opposites that show up in our lives, the more we acknowledge both sides and the more grateful we are for the challenges as well as the support, for the rejection as well as the acceptance, for the haters, as well as the fans. The more we are moved by our purpose and the less we get distracted by our haters.

Do you have haters? People who reject you, your ideas, your ideals?
Can you see that you wouldn’t be able to serve your fans, people who love you, if you didn’t have the haters?
Can you say: Haters, I love you! Thank you!

Comment below and let’s help each other see that we’re doing meaningful work in the world.

Love & light,
A xx