Last week I attended a 4 day silence meditation retreat at the Buddhist Retreat Centre outside of Durban in South Africa. It’s a truly magnificent setting for what could be a daunting experience…silence…for days on end. Once we came out of silence I hiked to a really awesome spot and created a video to share with you on why I did it and also what I got out of it. Check out the reflections in this video:

When I returned to Cape Town I had my Lasik procedure done, so this week looks very different for me from an eye sight perspective and it’s been such a gift. Truly incredible! I’ve heard people talking about it before, sharing how incredible it is. But until I underwent the procedure myself it hadn’t struck me just how life-changing it is. So observing my sight has been a hot topic for me recently. However in my reflections and observations, I realized that I perhaps had lost touch with my vision. Hence my frustrations and triggers.

Having to constantly nurture a vision can be exhausting and sometimes we just forget to connect with it. I was reminded of the beautiful quote by Helen Keller, ‘The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.’ How powerful!

For me to reconnect with my vision I had to speak to a close friend. Just thinking about it wasn’t getting me anywhere (besides a spiral of frustration). And because of this I feel much better about my vision as well as my sight.

My question to you today is: How do you stay connected to your vision?

Love & light,

A xx