The word ‘goal’ can trigger an excited response or a excruciatingly annoyed one. If you find yourself in the excited camp, good for you! But please be sensitive to those around you who don’t love goal-setting as much as you do. My friends like to remind me that ‘not everyone wants to be taught’. In the same light, my friend and mentor Dr John Demartini iterates ‘It’s not wise to waste words on whose who seek not’.

I would love to offer a different perspective on goal setting, one that Blair Singer taught me. Goal-setting can seem intimidating because it’s misunderstood. What often happens is one tries to set a goal, doesn’t achieve it, gets despondent, and proclaims that goal-setting doesn’t work! Then goes on to never set another goal. Have you ever felt this frustration?
If you’ve found yourself in this scenario, I challenge you to look back at the pursuit of that goal. I bet you’ll find something that you did achieve, something that you wouldn’t have achieved if you hadn’t set the goal in the first place. Find it?

The purpose of a goal is to get you moving in a certain direction. Achieving it is a bonus. So celebrate every goal set, no matter how far you went with it. There’s no such thing as a failed goal if you truly understand this!

Two of the most important aspects of goal setting are:

1. To let go of the outcome

I know this sounds counter-intuitive, bur hear me out. Have you ever set a goal or pursued something and you DID achieve it? How did it feel? Perhaps it felt great, but my bet is that the victorious feeling didn’t last very long. This is why it’s critical to let go of the outcome before you achieve it. Latching onto the outcome can lead to it reeking of
desperation, and then it’s no fun!

2. Take consistent action towards the goal

Let’s not fool anyone! You know when you’re not taking the necessary steps CONSISTENTLY, so if you’re not taking action and consequently not achieving results, don’t blame goal-setting. Most likely your goals aren’t aligned to what’s truly meaningful to you. So ensure that your goals inspire you and light you up in a way that it seems
impossible NOT to achieve them.
These aspects might sound contradictory, but are equally important for you to reap the benefits of goal-setting, whiteout falling for the ‘failed goal’ trap. Let’s make this THE BEST goal-setting year ever!

What are some of your goals for the upcoming year?

Love & light,

A xx