A powerful process for anyone who wants a quick feel-great factor!

Have you ever looked at photos of yourself taken 10 years prior and almost didn’t recognise yourself? I have, it can be the strangest thing. “Who is that person?” I’ve found myself asking. Reflecting on where you were and how far you have come is an incredibly powerful process to have in your arsenal when you need a boost of self-worth and confidence. And we all need that, from time to time.

One of my favourite ways to practically reflect on life is writing a letter to myself, which is a cathartic process that often leaves me in awe, even tears of awe at times. I highly recommend this process to anyone who feels any sense of deficiency or whoever feels lost or simply wants a genuine, inspiring feel-great factor. Besides the physical act of putting pen to paper (or pixel to screen), the mere act of thinking about what you wish you’d have known or (more importantly) how far you’ve come is a great way to reconnect with yourself.

It can be emotional, that is the disclaimer. But it is worth it! Sometimes it gets intense and you might even delve into “ugly-cry” territory (that’s okay- waterproof mascara exists for a reason). Give yourself the chance and you may be surprised at the immense sense of compassion you can have towards yourself.

Often, we’re awfully hard on ourselves and there is so much wisdom to be gained from this practical form of reflection. You owe it to yourself to look back, reconnect and thank yourself – this is a great way to do just that!

Here’s a letter I recently wrote to my 18-year-old self:

Dear younger Anna,

You’re 18 years old and fresh out of school. This is the letter of assurance that you’ll need when times get really tough, and let me tell you, they will. I want you to read this whenever you feel like the wind has been blown out of your sails and your confidence has taken a tumble. Know that I am here for you, right by your side. Have faith, little one! It’s not all doom and gloom, I want you to know that life is beautiful and everything does have a habit of working out gracefully. It’s just that sometimes it’ll take blind faith to believe this.
Trust me, Anna, you’ve got this!

The number one thing that I want you to know, and I’m giving it to you straight up and up front, is that you are enough.
There is no need to prove anything to anyone.

You are this incredible force for goodness in the world, but the more you try to prove that the more you end up dimming your own light.

You’ll achieve many things in your life. But be mindful to never pin your self-worth on any of those solitary achievements, or the people on your path for that matter.

Your energy, your spirit, everything about you is powerful. It’s relentless in its charm and its here to pave the way towards your legacy.

Whatever you do, just don’t try to force it. I know you’ll try anyways because we all learn our own lessons in our own time. But I want you to be acutely aware that forcing anything will not serve you. Your power comes from the genuine curiosity you have for life and for people. No power comes from forcing anything upon life or people.

You are going to want to find out what your purpose is. You’re going to try anyways but I want to warn you that this is futile.

The only purpose that you should be concerned about is being you. The brilliant light that you are, exuding love and making people feel amazing about themselves.

You’ll still want to answer the question “what is your purpose?” For now, trust me that the clarity that you seek will come to you. It just won’t come to you when you want it. It’ll come to you when the time is right. You won’t like this because you’re stubborn, opinionated and love to be in control. But the sooner you accept this the better for you.

You will have the most amazing experiences with the most incredible people, you really are truly blessed. In stressful moments, you won’t necessarily see this and you’ll put pressure on relationships unnecessarily. Don’t.
Everything works out.

People are everything, relationships are everything. This is as true in your personal life as it is when you start growing your businesses and your empire. Nurture the people and relationships that come into your life as precious gems that you’ve been granted the custody of as if it is an honour. Because it is. Treat people as they are an honour in your life, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Be kind to yourself and others. Be gentle. I know how hard you are on yourself and it does little good to you and to others.

Above all else trust that everything is stacked in your favour. Because it is. You are the success that you yearn for and crave so desperately. I know you don’t feel it now and don’t believe me entirely. That is you. But you’ll grow to understand it more and more with time, I know.

With all my love,

Anna 2016, a little older, a little wiser and just as excited about the future as she ever was.

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