There’s definitely some truth to the old adage, “Mother knows best”, and with Mother’s Day Weekend having just passed us by, it seems fitting that we spend just a little more time acknowledging the special women in our life (after all- mom deserves it).

In last week’s article on the Top Four Life Lessons My Coaches Taught Me, we covered how some of the most valuable lessons that we’ll learn will come from other people, and more often than not, it’s our mom who has shared with us the slivers of wisdom that’s helped shaped the women we are today.

Whether you are a mom, an expectant mommy or you’re thinking about the mother-figure in your life- we can all agree that owning that title and being a mom is one of the most admirable jobs on the planet. She’s the one who cleaned our scraped knees, who shuttled us around from place to place, who lovingly comforted us when we woke up rattled in the middle of the night. As we get older, we realise how our moms have taught us sooo much more than just the practical skills and basics of tying our shoelaces, eating our veggies or brushing our teeth before bed.

Often, it’s mom who’s in charge of teaching her brood all the important soft skills we need not only to survive but to thrive. She’s likely the one who taught us how to interact with those around us, how to treat everyone with fairness and respect and most importantly the value of compassion.

It’s an incredible feat they achieve, dispensing with lesson after nuanced lesson. Lessons of loving ourselves, having dignity, accepting just how human we are, and how fragile life is. Sure, there’s no getting passed the mothers that life hands us and we experience life with them in our own ways but we also find mother figures in the women who are kind and compassionate to us. Mothers offer a blueprint of all the values we take along with us – those soft skills that are necessary to present as a well-adjusted member of society. Subconsciously, we’re watching what they surround themselves with, whether it be friendships or faith.

We pick up how they interact with people and how they carry themselves. They’re a walking list of attributes and we (on some level) get to pick and choose the ones we take on to adulthood. And the real kicker is, that even though there’ll come a time where we’ll make some questionable decisions, pick up a few nasty character traits, act a fool (or like an ungrateful brat) or decide to take a risk eating leftover take-out that’s been chilling in the fridge for days because YOLO – that amazing woman is STILL going to love you…still!

Like where does she find the time to fit all of this in and still love all your crazy? Right? They’re incredible and we’re an awfully lucky bunch who should give them all the props they deserve… besides who else would put up with our crazy antics?

Everyone has their own lesson from mom that has shaped who they are or their perspective of life in some way.
Here are just a few of the greatest lessons that moms teach us.

  • How to be brave.
  • What love looks like.
  • How to take care of ourselves.
  • Everyone is equal.
  • You accomplish more with kindness and compassion than you do with force.
  • Be yourself – love yourself.
  • Life is too short to remain in a place of unhappiness.
  • Don’t let what other people think of you occupy real estate in your mind.
  • Invest in yourself and your future.
  • Life carries on with or without us.
  • Take a moment to slow down and enjoy the unfolding beauty of the world around us. A moment of happiness can be found in the simple pleasures of life.

Nobody has our back quite like our mother’s do. No matter how many times we fall, how many times we get heartbroken or disappointed, not even after we make the same mistake for the hundredth time – mom always has some golden wisdom to dispense, kind words to mend a bruised ego, perhaps a hard lesson to teach us or a comforting look that reassures us that everything is going to be okay.

I’m sure you have you own golden lesson from mom and I’m pretty sure that you’ve been thinking about how awesome your mom is while reading this. So, even though Mother’s Day is over, tell your mom that you love her, call her up, message her…wake her up with a Skype call…time-travel back to the 90’s and send her a fax if you have to.

Do whatever you need to but make sure you tell her today how much you love her!
You never need a special occasion to show the people in your life that care about them.