Most of us have heard that good habits lead to success. But why are good habits so difficult to form?

One of the explanations that I have is that we try to impose habits and rituals that we think we should have, those which work for other people. However, these might not be the best ones for us. Perhaps we haven’t given ourselves the permission to create habits and rituals on our terms. In the book that I’m reading Daily Habits by Mason Currey he shares how the greats spent their days.

The most enlightening thing that I got from the book was that not one of the greats subscribed to any daily ritual as someone else said it should be. They created their own. They were curious enough to find out what works for them, adopted those habits and perfected them so that they actually enjoy their days.

Personally I’ve been guilty of trying to impose habits onto myself that simply haven’t stuck. This book gave me the freedom to screw conventional thinking and design my days the way I’d like to. It’s made my days far more enjoyable and I’ve been able to stick with good habits and rituals much more consistently.

What habits would you love to adopt into your life? Are you prepared to create them on YOUR terms?

Love & light,