Have you ever heard the phrase: Facts tell, stories sell?

In business and in sales relationships, people are the key to your success. You know this already, or you wouldn’t be where you are today.

When it comes to building these relationships, there are two core ingredients: quality questions and stories.

In last week’s post, we explored the importance of questions. Now it’s time for the stories.

I travel a lot. Through my travels, I meet many people with wildly diverse backgrounds and stories. And I’ve discovered two key things, particularly in the month that I travelled around the United States, to be true.

Firstly, I have collected far more stories than I thought I had. This is the result of being forced outside of my comfort zone, where everyone knows everyone and everything.

Life is just too damn good not to live it in HD! And when we keep our stories to ourselves and don’t share them in a way that enhances other people’s lives we’re really not living in HD.

You have stories, of that I am sure! In fact, I have no doubt that every person CAN and SHOULD write at least one book. As this forces you to analyse and honour your stories. Also, I find it critical to expose ourselves to people we haven’t met before. This too forces us outside of our comfy zone and by sharing our stories we enhance each others lives.

What are some of your favourite stories you’ve authored in your lifetime?

Below please go ahead and share a story of something you’ve learned or experienced in the first half of 2016.

Love & light,
A xx