In three words? Perspective, calling and curiosity.

When was the last time you engaged in a conversation or read a book that made you think about perspective?

One of the things I love about reading is jumping straight into someone else’s world. I particularly love biographies and autobiographies; I find them inspiring.

I just finished Elon Musk’s biography and really enjoyed the read. I’ve admired Elon for a while and loved finding out more about Elon’s journeys with Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City, as well as his earlier struggles.

Upon reading the final pages, I was thinking to myself ‘What is the one useful thing I can take away from this read?’

‘Perspective’ was the word that jumped out. Compared to Elon’s problems past, present and future, mine are minuscule. While he’s focusing on the survival of mankind by colonising Mars, my focus is small in comparison. While I don’t think that we all need to start making plans to colonise Mars, this perspective has inspired me to dream and think bigger. And that’s a wonderful thing! When left to our own devices it’s easy to stagnate. Once in a while, a book, a person, or an encounter comes along that propels us forward.

Elon has so much more than goals, he has a calling. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about following your curiosity instead of your often elusive, and more commonly hyped ‘passion’. While I cannot confirm 100%, I feel that Elon found his calling by following his curiosity.

Finding my calling has been very important to me for as long as I can remember. It has been a challenging journey, to say the least. While I’ve come a long way, I feel that I have quite a bit of refining still to do. So, since putting the book down I’ve been examining my own curiosity once again and looking for ways it can draw me closer to understanding my calling.

While I don’t have my calling neatly packaged with a pretty bow and all, I’ll share the top three consistent curiosity fields of mine:
1. Human behaviour, personal development and universal principles
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Luxury hospitality and travel

Perhaps you too would like to examine where your curiosity has lead you up until now and think about how it could tie into your calling? What are the 3 things that you’re most curious about and love learning about?

Till next time,
A xx