We aren’t all artist by the strict definition of producing drawings or paintings as a profession or hobby. Art is an expression of the artist(s). And for me, not being a traditional artist, I find that my work is my expression, hence my art.

At the Cape Town Art Fair in February 2017 I was very inspired by various expressions. I’ve never been big into art, but this changed for me in just a few hours. I circled the exhibition three times and spend about five hours there. While I came across many wondrous pieces and exceptional people, there’s one story that stood out for me.

His name is Serge Attukwei Clottey and he’s from Accra, Ghana. His pieces were a bit unusual and stood out so I decided to stop and chat to him. I’m glad I did.

The artworks that were on display were pieces of plastic strung together with wire. What’s the story behind that? The yellow plastic squares were originally yellow gallon containers filled with oil and brought to Africa. The people of Ghana would then use these empty containers to store water in them. You can imagine the health implications of this. Serge started cutting these containers up and transforming them into artworks. He’s the creator of Afrogallionism*. His studies in both Ghana and Brazil influence these installations.

Serge shared with me that his vision is to trade back to the West, what they dumped or left behind, through artist form. He further explains, ‘Migration changes the value and the form of the object.’

Serge sees art as a way to transform society*. Activism and creativity are the forces of his legacy. I was inspired by Serge’s story because he was inspired sharing it with me. I’ve said before that to inspire one needs to be inspired. This is a classic case.

This encounter got me thinking about the forces of my legacy, what gets me inspired. At this stage of my life – conversing with people, traveling and expressing myself through purposeful businesses – are the three forces of my legacy, all strung together with a golden thread of love and curiosity.

My question to you today is: What are the forces of your legacy? And if it’s difficult to answer this question, try to mind map all the things that excite you and light you up and then group them into two or three categories. What have you found?

I have found time and time again that when you know your legacy and the forces behind it it’s much easier to be inspired yourself and to inspire others (without necessary doing much).

By the way, there’s much more to Serge’s story, specifically why his collection is called My Mother’s Wardrobe, so check it out here: https://www.gallery1957.com/exhibitions/my-mothers-wardrobe/ to find out.

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*Sources: https://www.gallery1957.com/artists/serge-attukwei-clottey/

Also check out: https://sergeoclottey.blogspot.co.za