The #1 System for SERVICE PROVIDERS to Raise their Prices, Close More Deals & Grow Epic Teams!


The Lead Speak Sell Advisory Board gives kickass business owners proven tools to double their revenue (AND MARGINS) in the next 90 days, so that they can take time away from their business.

“Anna is amazing. In one 15 minute session she took me from doubting myself to mentally prepared for my first big sale- and I did it! Closed a $10k deal just a few hours afterwards.” – Cassie H.

Meet my private clients Rob & Dan.

We almost got teary eyed there towards the end…

In the last 4 months, these guys
– increased their prices
– doubled their revenue
– doubled their team

Boom 💥

There’s no limit to where their business is going, so exited 🚀🚀🚀

Just work harder and you’ll make more money, right?

If that’s all it took, you’d be on your private yacht by now. We are capable of anything, BUT we chronically undervalue ourselves. The Lead Speak Sell Academy, designed specifically for business owners selling services, helping you unlock your earning potential:

How to land high-paying gigs while making your clients feel like they are getting the deal of the century… AND understand that charging more is BETTER for your clients!

The exact strategies to successfully pitch and CLOSE deals based on VALUE, so that you can finally stop selling your time and make more money (and IMPACT) while working less.

The fool-proof system to breeze through uncomfortable negotiations, have $10k and $12k roll of your tongue and NEVER get a pricing objection again… imagine what that would do for your confidence!

The custom blueprint to create a business that will help you stop working the stupidest hours and having zero lifestyle… a business that serves you, TRULY SERVES YOU, instead of you just working your ass off for it.

The Lead Speak Sell Academy gives service business owners proven tools to crush these challenges and more, fast. Double your money in just 12 weeks if you qualify.


I’ve successfully helped hundreds of business owners worldwide to massively increase their revenue and enjoy more freedom in their businesses… And I’m the author of The Business Tango, Embracing Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship.

Having successfully started and run businesses in the past decade in a diverse array of industries, including commercial property, security guarding, import & export and education, I only teach what I’ve tested and proven to achieve immediate game-changing results!

My private clients have grown their recurring revenue and new business to up to $65k/mth (from less than $10k), but the most significant outcome is that they’re able to go on holiday with their families and switch their phones off, without worrying about their businesses. That’s my favorite part of what I do.

Who is Lead Speak Sell for?
You're a Coach or consultant & It's Time To Up Your Rates

You’re working way too many hours and servicing too many clients. You know you need to increase your prices but you’re just not sure how to do it, without losing half your clientele. Identify your true value, put the message in front of your ideal customers and learn to charge for it with the Lead Speak Sell Academy.

You're a Speaker & You Want to Charge Much More

Pricing yourself correctly sends the right signals to the right people. Simple!

You own a services business & are tired of undercharging

Asking for more money is daunting when there’s plenty of competition & you fear losing clients if you increase your prices. But you’re not doing yourself – or your clients – any favors by charging low fees. In fact, your clients will thank you – it’s a win-win. Finally your business can start working for you & you can hit that $50k+ monthly revenue.

“Before working with Anna I struggled to pitch higher. I was scared to lose deals because we’d be too expensive. Just a short few weeks later I had a solid pipeline of & $5k &10k deals..and even one $15k. And what’s even better is that the pressure of closing the deals is no longer there. Thank you Anna!” – Pat S.

Apply today to see if you’ve got what it takes to double your money in the next 90 days.

Limited spots available. All applicants to through a strict review process.

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