Anna’s philosophies and business strategies have been shaped by her multi-lingual immigrant family’s background. With Ukraine as her birthplace and South Africa as her home from the age of six, travel and entrepreneurship have underpinned many of Anna’s experiences and challenges.

After completing her university studies, Anna voyaged for work, study and pleasure to almost a hundred countries. Her exposure to so many different people and cultures, coupled with her years of studies and experience in mindset training, psychology, human behaviour, universal principles, sciences and philosophies of the world, have sculpted Anna’s unique message that she shares on global platforms; inspiring people from all walks of life.

Having achieved her own business success in an array of industries including, commercial property, education, export & import, event production, cleaning and security, Anna has made it her mission to empower business owners worldwide.

Passionate about sharing her knowledge and wisdom, Anna has published a book, designed programs and delivered speeches that are truly life-and-business-changing. The focal point of her teachings is how to optimally use business, sales and a winning mindset as tools to create a life of abundance, success and wealth.

Well-known for her engaging, refreshing and dynamic style, Anna leaves her audiences with a new-found sense of confidence. Not only does she encourage people to achieve (and surpass!) their goals and aspirations, she equips them with the results-driven practical tools to help them get there sooner than they ever thought possible.