How I Help Women in Biz Dev Stop Undercharging and Double their Money in 60 Days or Less.

Learn How the Top 1% Raise Their Prices, Ask for the Money and Close That Deal!

Anna Shilina

Anna Shilina

Author - Speaker - Coach

Women notoriously undercharge and I’m sick and tired of it! Would you like to learn how:

  • How I went from charging $4k to $12k, without waiting to get years of experience under my belt.
  • The difference between charging $50 to $500/hour, even if increasing your price by $10x seems impossible?.
  • Never settle for average clients again, the ones that make you dread Mondays.
  • Transform your current business, which is, let’s be honest more like a job… into a real business.
  • Build a team that takes care of things in a systematic way that you can trust, without micromanaging and giving yourself even more work.
  • Plus much much more
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