The inspiration for my blogs and videos come from all over the place. You should see the notes that I have on my phone – it’s crazy!

This week’s message was inspired by Marie Forleo’s latest episode. I’ve been learning from and following Marie on social media for three to four years. I even bought her signature program B-School last year. When I watched Marie share her story about failure (FEAR OF FAILURE: WHY GETTING BACK UP AFTER A FALL REALLY MATTERS, found here https://www.marieforleo.com/2017/01/fear-of-failure/) I was inspired to share my embarrassing scooter story in Bali, just a few months back. Unlike Marie, I actually did give up the first time. But then something happened that helped me conquer the fear. It’s all in the video below.

I haven’t shared this story too often, and I get into after a few minutes of sharing some bits and bobs about myself.

In the video I share the 2 steps it took me to start driving the scooter (I felt like such a loser because it was so difficult for me) and even enjoy it in the end.

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Have you had a scooter incident yourself? Or any other story of conquering fear?

Love & light,

A xx