The more uncertainty you can comfortably handle, the smoother your entrepreneurial journey will be. To be frank, the more enjoyable life is in general.

As my friend and mentor, Peter Sage, taught me: There’s no such thing as certainty in nature and especially not in business. The difference is that in nature the flower doesn’t worry and have anxiety attacks about whether the sun is going to shine. It just focuses on it’s purpose, which is to grow and contribute.

If we could take a page out of the book from nature, it would help us immensely. So if we could stop worrying about the metaphorical sun shining and simply focus on our growth and contribution, we’d be much happier. Dealing with uncertainty is probably one of the top concerns I cover with clients.

In this week’s video I share 2 ways to deal with uncertainty.

1. Focus on where you ARE certain and where you DO know what you’re doing. Life is what you focus on!
2. Write down all of the things that could possibly go wrong, no less than 50. And next to them, write down how you would successfully deal with said problem.

Here’s a third one that I did not mention in the video:

3. Look back at a time in your life where you had loads of uncertainty and find the ways that helped you get through it.

What many people say is that they ‘showed up’ and ‘did the work’ despite the uncertainty. That’s the real kicker, growing and contributing is as simple as showing up and doing the work.

Embracing the inevitable uncertainty in life and in business is incredibly rewarding and I see the benefits of it daily.

No one is ever 100% certain about everything all the time.
In what area of life do you have uncertainty?

Love & light,

A xx