Imagine for a minute a life with absolutely zero fear.
For example, you’d have no fear that you would get hurt by the love of your life.

I had that very fear. I was madly in love and I was incredibly afraid to lose it. The more I thought about this fear, two things came up. The first is that it’ll become a self-fulfilling prophecy (which it did, no surprise there); and the second was that my love for this person and my experience of him was deeply enhanced by my fear. If I had no such fear then I would not be able to truly appreciate all the good, the bad and everything-in-between as much. I would attribute less meaning to my experience of this person. I grew a new, sincere appreciation for my fear.

Fear is quite exquisite, quite beautiful. Fear holds within it the space for our experiences to come to life, for our total immersion in the feelings that make us human.

I looked at other areas of my life where I had fear. Around the same time that I was fearing the loss of a beloved partner, I was revving up my online training business. I felt like I finally knew what I wanted out of life (after decades of trial and error). I was so sure that this is the one and only way I can serve people around the world with the gifts, experiences and knowledge that I have.

The concurrent fear said to me, ‘Well now, great! If this doesn’t work you’re screwed. What would you do then?’

Having a project that is so dear to me, something where I pour my heart and soul into every day brings up a lot of fear. Fear that I’m not good enough, I don’t know enough, that it’s all been done, and the list goes on. Yet again, I have to acknowledge the fear for giving my venture, my business meaning. With the absence of fear it would have less meaning to me, I am certain of it.

Have you ever observed that fear brings meaning to certain experiences in your life, whether it’s in your personal life or your professional life?

Please share your story, it could inspire people around the world.

A xx