When I was chatting with a friend earlier this year about feeling bad that I’d abandoned my video challenge, she said to me “I’d much rather hear about how you stumbled and failed and then picked yourself up again. That’s far more inspiring that hearing that it was easy and you simply succeeded”.

After that conversation, it took me months to pick up my challenge again. I made a couple of sporadic videos…but I really didn’t want to feel like a fraud making and sharing videos just for the sake of them. So I continued my travels in Europe, not documenting much at all. It was almost as if I wanted to be invisible for a while. Have you ever had such a sensation?

And then…

I realised that this year is coming to a quick end (it always sneaks up on us). When I counted that there were only 100 days left of 2016, I decided that I want to be able to tell the tale of this year with a sense of accomplishment. The first step was to finish the video challenge that I had started at the beginning of the year.

But I had to make sure that I was making the videos for the right reasons. So I thought long and hard about why I wanted to finish my challenge.

First off, I enjoy having a YouTube channel. Yes, some of the videos are cringe-worthy. Yes, there are days that I don’t feel like putting my game- face on and getting in front of a camera. Yes, they are times when my tongue gets all twisted and just won’t say the words right and I end up shooting several takes until I’m utterly exhausted. But at the end of the day, I enjoy looking back and seeing what I’ve created, I enjoy the content that I have to share and I enjoy adding value to people. If my videos help just one person at a time, it’s worth it!

Second, I believe in finishing what you start. So many times we just don’t. For example, a book is not a book if it’s not complete, it’s just a draft or manuscript, right? And that’s not nearly as perceivably valuable, as the finished book. When I opened up my YouTube Dashboard after the hiatus, I saw that more people have been watching my videos than ever before…especially the one where I was most vulnerable, which lead me to my final reason for picking up my challenge…

I wanted to share how my journey was not and is not smooth sailing. And in doing so, perhaps I can inspire you to continue on your own journey, one step at a time. And finish something that you’ve started, even if you’ve lost your focus along the way. Often, when we look for inspiration, we like stories of people failing and mucking up before rising to where they seem successful. This way we get to hope that we too, no matter how low we’ve been, can rise again and thrive.

Each of us has a fighting spirit inside that loves to win! And by completing something that’s important to us, especially if it’s been a tough journey to get there, it makes us feel like we’ve won the ultimate battle. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to feel like a winner by the end of this year.

So I challenge you to think of something that you’d like to complete, even if you’ve neglected it for a while.
And perhaps you’d like to join me in staying the course until the end of this year…now that there are less than 100 days left…

Till next time,

A xx