You’re not alone! Here are 2 steps to finding them…

This year has found me in a state of discovery, where I’ve had to ask A LOT of questions. Questions such as:

What should I do next?
How can I serve, support and more add value?
What is the best way to attract more clients?
And many more…

And I must admit, asking these questions has left me highly frustrated at times. Not just frustrated, but incredibly stressed out and not enjoying my life, not having much fun at all. I was searching, searching, searching…and nothing!

Recently, sitting at our co-working cafe in Bali, indulging in a cappuccino I had a realisation:

This isn’t an original idea. Albert Einstein said, ‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’

That’s what I was trying to do all this time: answer the question with the same mindset that created it. No wonder I was getting nowhere!

This realisation eased off some pressure but then I had to dig deep and look for ways to shift my mind and my consciousness so that the questions can be answered and the problems solved…

I use the Headspace app for my meditation routine and in one of the modules, they teach you to hand over a specific question to the universe. Simply give it away and not try to answer it.

You could be thinking: This is nice but what do I do with this information?

Here are my two suggestions that can help you if there’s anything you’ve been stuck on, or if you’ve been struggling with questions that have left you nothing short of frustrated.

Take it easy on yourself. You’re not alone and you don’t have to have all the answers all the time.

Actively ask the question, be as specific as you can. Then distance yourself with healthy habits, such as exercise, or focus on work and areas where you can add value. Do something that you love, or try your hand at something you’ve always wanted to do –go out there and have fun!

Do not dwell on the question, or look for the answer (Yes, difficult!). The answer will come through you when the time is right. Focus on what you can control. Direct your energy and attention on becoming a better version of yourself so that you can open the channel for the answer. Remember, it’ll come through you, not from you.

Distancing myself from the questions that I’ve been asking myself has done me the world of good! I’m more relaxed and have given myself the permission to enjoy life and have fun again, not to mention that I have been flooded with creativity and inspiration! I hope that you too can benefit from these suggestions.

What are some of the questions you’ve been asking yourself? What are the most frustrating ones?

I love hearing from you!

Till soon,
A xx