How to swap those 3 words with 3 steps to gain clarity.

Have you ever said ‘I don’t know’ to yourself or to others? I sure have! I’m a big advocate for being honest and transparent, so when you don’t know something, it’s best to admit it and not pretend that you know something you don’t.

BUT, and this is a big ‘but’… we often use ‘I don’t know’ to get us off the hook. Once we say those 3 magic words we no longer have a responsibility to do something about it. By repeating these 3 words, it puts us in a state of disempowerment, big time!

Let me share a story with you…

Earlier this year, for several months I found myself saying ‘I just don’t know what I’m going to do’ when it came to growing my business. ‘I don’t know’ was becoming more and more of a mantra. The results? I was stagnating myself day after day, week after week, month after month… until I had to make a decision. It wasn’t hard to see that I wasn’t going far with my ‘I don’t know’ mindset.

When starting out a new venture there are many things that we don’t know. And that’s okay. However, it’s important to push through the ‘I don’t know’ to a more empowered state of mind.

Here are the three things you can do if you’ve ever found yourself in a similar position.

There are many things that you do know, no doubt about that. So start listing all the things that you know and let what you know grow. You’ll start to feel the weight of ‘I don’t know’ slowly but surely lift off your shoulders.

Now that you’ve empowered yourself with a list of things you do know, it’s time to ask a quality question.

Remember that the quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you ask. Your brain will look for the right answers if you ask the right questions. Our brains are powerful tools that we often underutilize. ‘What do I need to learn?’ is a great question to put us in control of our circumstances and helps us to empower ourselves.

The following three questions work surprisingly well.

1. ’If I did know, what would the answer be?’ or
2. ’If I were to guess, what would it be?’ or
3. ’If I were a person who did know, what would it be?’

What is it that you think you don’t know? I challenge you to test these steps 1, 2 and 3 and let me know how they work out for you.

Till next time,
A xx