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  • Are you ready to take the leap to financial freedom and the luxurious lifestyle that you deserve?
  • Imagine starting each week with zest; feeling excited to serve more people and turn higher and higher profits.
  • Envision waking up each day to payment notifications (not just on the last days of the month)… and the thrill of new clients waiting in line for your expertise!
  • How good would it feel to book your next luxury trip overseas, after not being able to take a holiday for years?

Now, imagine that all happening within the next few weeks…

The Premium Pricing Academy is a simple, step-by-step system designed to teach you how to triple your rates (at a minimum!). You’ll learn how to finally break free of the time-for-money-cycle by creating a business that works for you.

Rather than simply being praised by your clients for the excellent service you provide, you can gain the confidence and know-how to charge premium rates to create a lifestyle by design, and a new way to have income consistently filling up your bank account.

So, if you are absolutely serious about taking control of your business, and creating one that will serve you and those around you, then I simply cannot wait to start working with you.

Very important!


You must QUALIFY for this program. It is ESSENTIAL that you;

  • Have been in business for at least twelve months.
    No ‘wantrepreneurs” please. I need to know that you have a valuable service to offer before helping you charge a premium price.
  • Are COACHABLE and love learning new things AND applying them. Program junkies and loafers take a back seat – I only work with those who seriously want to get results.
  • Are RELIABLE AND COMMITTED to your success. If you SAY you want to create a better business and lifestyle, then show up and follow through.
  • Are RESOURCEFUL and understand that your resourcefulness is your biggest asset. There’s always a way!
  • Are willing to step outside your comfort zone. Commanding premium prices is NOT going to feel natural at first. You must trust the process and bear the discomfort – NO QUITTERS and NO WHINERS!
  • Have unshakeable INTEGRITY. I wish I didn’t have to mention this one, because it seems SO obvious.

Yes, I realize that this sounds harsh to some of you, but after coaching hundreds of people in recent years, I have to be selective with whom I choose to work with. It’s so important to me that you get results. I’ve found that only those who qualify are truly ready to learn and follow through, which is the ultimate recipe for success.

So, if you are absolutely serious about taking control of your business, and creating one that will serve you and those around you, then I simply cannot wait to start working with you.

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