Taking care of yourself is your number 1 task. Here’s why.

We cannot help one single person if we do not look after ourselves first. What a notion! When we don’t take care of ourselves we’re sabotaging our capacity to give and to love. Think about that. When we don’t take care of ourselves and get swept away with other people’s agendas, often the universe has a funny way of making us physically sick so that we are forced to focus on ourselves. Whether you feel like you’re succumbing to mid-year burn-out or whether you’ve been ignoring underlying symptoms of a greater health issue, what will it take for you to give your well-being the attention it so rightly deserves? We all intellectually understand the value of looking after our mental and physical health but sometimes it’s too easy putting off the expense of time and energy in honouring our well-being.

I’ve been hearing of mediation for years but never stuck with it. I’ve known that the exercise is good for me for years, but never stuck to it consistently. I’ve heard that it changes your life, but I was like ‘Pffff, yeah right.’

So what did it take for me, to take things that are good for me seriously and to honour myself? Honestly? A heartbreak that broke me as a person. Or so it felt. The great thing is that I have the opportunity to rebuild myself in a way that is important to me. I don’t know what it will take for you to take care of yourself and honour yourself. But it does start with a question:

What does it look like to take care of yourself?

Once you familiarize yourself with what your idea of looking after yourself, I challenge you to pick one thing and honour that daily. Or at least as often as you can until one day it’s part of your DNA.

Putting you first equals a greater capacity for you to give, for you to love.

Your business, career and life can only go one way.