In nature, evidence exists that everything we do is a strategy. Let me explain…

All plants, all animals and all organisms; grow and die. All growth happens through cells splitting and perturbation occurring.

The plant doesn’t know it’s growing- it just grows. When a cell splits and allows the organism to grow, the organism itself is wholly unaware that it’ll become a beautiful flower, for example. All it experiences is the pressure it feels when perturbation occurs.

We can’t fight the Law of Nature

It would be ignorant to say that we aren’t part of nature. We grow and die just like every other organism on the planet – no exceptions! We do however, have the capacity to understand that we’re growing, albeit a limited one I feel.
Just as nature upholds its own laws and we have no choice but to abide by them, we too grow by way of perturbation. The only difference is we attach different labels to perturbation. We might recognise it as periods of extreme stress or anguish, tragedy, divorce, heartache or bankruptcy – you name it. When it happens to us, what we feel at the time is immense pressure but more often than not, we don’t have the ability to fully comprehend that what’s actually happening, is growth.

We’re all born with our own code

The direction in which we grow is found in the deepest recesses of who we are, down to the very core of our being, in just the same way as the seedling has within it the code to become a flower.

Because of our consciousness, our code is based on our beliefs. Our beliefs originate from our perception of our experiences and circumstances in life. We know that no two people can recall an event in the exact same way. Ergo, we’re only ever left with our perceptions of circumstances, events and experiences, not the circumstances themselves.

These beliefs dictate EVERYTHING we do.

Hence, everything we do is a strategy. Here’s a practical example:

While working with my clients, I’ve found that some business owners have a belief that if they make the kind of money they say they want and actually become successful, then all their money and success they’d accumulate would go away.
Have you ever experienced a similar fear?

Beliefs are the building blocks of our strategy

When someone has a belief that if they become successful their success will be taken away, they end up creating a strategy that helps them remain small and inconspicuously stunts their growth. It’s a defense mechanism they use which allows them to divert their fear. But all they’re really doing is limiting their potential- big time!

This belief could’ve originated when their parents lost all their money, when they saw a family home being foreclosed on, or watching a friend lose their life’s possession because of a gambling addiction. They themselves may have once lost everything, in their perception.

Most people see this devastating event of a loss as an isolated occurrence. What they often fail to do is connect all the great things currently in their life to that event. We would not be where we are today if it weren’t for all the tragic events we’ve perceived. Yet we’ve created a strategy or defence mechanism to keep us stuck and ‘safely’ out of the way of what we fear so that we never have to experience something we’re so afraid of.

Life happens for us, not to us- make the most of it

Yet when we uncover the brilliance that has happened because of the event of perceived loss and see it for what it really is – an opportunity to grow (perturbation) – my clients say that they wouldn’t take it back for the world. Now they are free to create a new belief around the devastating event that doesn’t keep them stuck with the same tired strategy of staying small.

With their new belief, they can generate a new strategy to really get what they say they want.

Have you ever examined how everything you do is a strategy? And how your strategy is linked to your beliefs?

One way to do this is to ask yourself: If I get everything I wanted, what are the downsides?
What am I afraid will happen after I get everything I want?

When we truly comprehend that at the core everything we do is a strategy, we are instantaneously powerful, we are in control of our destiny, the world is at our feet and we’re unstoppable.

Love & light