Disclaimer: This doesn’t just apply to business. The Universal Law of Resonance works in every area of our lives. Here I simply demonstrate it in the business arena.

When starting and running a business, it’s easy to get caught up in looking for and chasing after clients.
Understanding and applying the Law of Resonance will free you from the desperation and one-sided anxiety to find clients.

You never have to chase a client if you understand that your clients are looking for you to solve their problems and add value to them, as much as you’re looking for them. In other words, you’re resonating with each other. Your perfect clients show up when you’re ready and you show up for them when they are ready.

‘My clients are looking for me’ is an extremely empowering belief to adopt. There’s no woo-woo or intangible forces at play here; it’s based on the universal principle of resonance and we cannot escape it.

Most people are familiar with the law of attraction. Personally the law of resonance trumps the law of attraction.

How could I say that?

Needing to attract something or someone into your life implies that your life is not complete and that which you’re trying to attract into your life is not there. This is erroneous because everything that you seek is already within you. It’s simply in a form that you’re not recognizing.

To shift the form of what you have into what you want first adopt the belief of resonance, such as ‘my clients are looking for me’ or ‘my perfect mate is looking for me’. To resonate with what you’re looking for, all that is required for you is to be the best version of yourself, and focus on your growth and contribution. This is much more accurate than needing to attract something that seems outside of your realm of reality. This way you simply allow what you’re searching for to ‘show up’ once you’re resonating with it.