It’s my birthday month and my birthday week; and I really want to gift you something that could potentially change your life, especially if you’ve found yourself stuck at your current income level for ages.

If you’re looking for a clear-cut formula to secure your next promotion or improve the calibre of your clients, you’ll only need to know and master these two principles and watch as your bank balance skyrockets.

In essence, it’s the same equation!


‘How do I add more value?’ you may be thinking.

The answer? By asking better quality questions, which leads to solving bigger problems, providing better solutions and satisfying your client’s or your company’s needs on a greater level.

When you truly put yourself in somebody else’s shoes and become deeply curious about their needs and their problems, you immediately place yourself in a position to add more value. And here’s the really powerful advantage of this approach: when you can prove and show the value you are adding, you can charge your worth. Then you are truly in control of your destiny.

However, simply adding value is not enough. You’ll need to follow the second principle too, to hit a home run!




There are plenty of people who add a lot of value. They work and work and work and work. Have you ever met someone who works themselves to the bone, yet does not get paid their worth? Sure you have! You may even be one of them.

You may have noticed that most people simply don’t want to take on extra responsibility over-and-above what they are comfortable dealing with. Most people are happier to be in the background and add value, as long as the consequences of something going wrong are not on their shoulders.

It is important to take responsibility in two regards. The first one is in terms of your own income: that you do know your value and your worth and that you ask for it, and indeed demand it. The second one is to take responsibility for your work, your clients, your employees and everything that happens in your career and business. At the end of the day, the buck (excuse the pun) stops with you.

The more responsibility you take the more you get paid. 

The important thing is to take responsibility before you get paid for it. It starts with you, and you alone. If you want to get paid more and have better clients, take incremental steps to more responsibility and you will see how much more you are valued.

Remember that if all you’re wanting to do is take responsibility but not add any value, you’ll also not get this equation right. Have you ever come across a manager who has responsibility but adds no value? Can you see how they are stuck?

These two principles need to be synchronised in order to get paid more. Master them and you’ll finally be free from the shackles you may be carrying in your career or business when it comes to the end of each month.

My challenge to you is to ask yourself these two questions – consider it a birthday gift to me 🙂

Please do share your wins from this challenge.
Till next time,
A xx