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More FREEDOM, More TIME and More MONEY

is what most people want when they start their first business. This is what I wanted too!

BUT it doesn’t always turn out this way.

My first two businesses didn’t eventuate as planned. And believe me, I wasn’t afraid of hard work, not one bit. I was greatly frustrated that my efforts were not being rewarded in any way.

I was certainly passionate about succeeding as an entrepreneur; I’d read all the books and had the drive to take my ideas all the way.

But something was missing.

I’d run out of all my cash.

I’d exhausted every possibility to try to grow my businesses, and at that point I swallowed my pride and owned up to the fact that I didn’t have all the answers. I remember thinking,

‘If only someone could give me a step-by-step strategy, the know-how, the roadmap to success! If I had a clear direction, then I  would apply my enthusiasm, energy and time wholeheartedly to an attainable, successful business.’

Next thing I know, an opportunity to start a regional office for a security guarding and cleaning company presents itself to me. I took my third shot at entrepreneurship with a vengeance,

I had to make it work.

After successfully building a reputable brand from scratch,

I realized why the first two businesses were duds..I didn’t have a proven system. Nor did I have the humility or the foresight to learn from someone who had done it before.

I applied this expensive and valuable lesson to all my ventures and businesses since.

When publishing my first book, I worked with mentors who had published best-selling books before. When beginning my corporate training and keynote speaking career, I worked with the best speakers in the world. When coaching clients, I aligned myself with the most successful coaches on the planet.

Along the way I built my own system, with the plan of empowering business owners along the way just as my mentors empowered me.

Would you agree that if you could just be equipped and empowered to scale your business and create a team of highly competent and inspired individuals, that you would ACTUALLY have the freedom we’re all after?

I created a BLUEPRINT to teach you exactly how I did that. It is designed to teach you how to stop slaving away for your business.
It is the road map to paving your ultimate lifestyle, by building a business that works for you.
(The exact road map I wish I’d had all those years ago)